Set your budget to visit Myanmar Prices and exchange rate in Kyat

Current Exchange Rate for the Myanmar Kyat (K): US $1 = 1280 Kyats

Your budget in Myanmar

Traveling in Myanmar is usually more expensive than other countries in South East Asia!

However it is possible for any type of traveler to visit Myanmar with a little bit of planning beforehand. You might have to reduce your expactations for accomodation if you are a backpacker because hotels are expensive in Myanmar. Hotels are mostly trageting mid range travelers and people looking for a hideout in a luxurious colonial bungalow or a 4-5 star resort.

Prices are generally not negotiable but do not forget to agree on a price up front for taxis, shopping or travel services in Myanmar.

US Dollars in Myanmar

Remember that you have to pay in dollars for hotels and travel agencies, take plenty of $10, $5 bills to Myanmar for this purpose, as payment in Kyat would be at times more costly than in Dollar. The US dollar is still the most desired foreign currency in Myanmar. It is advisable to bring US dollars in cash in Myanmar.

Exchange money in Myanmar

Use 100 or 50 bills for exchanging to kyat from licensed money changers as large denominations get better rates. US Dollar or Euro Bills taken should be in perfect condition. Crumpled, creased and blemished bills will give you a painful rate.

It is the general practice to use Kyat for smaller transactions like taxi rides, buses or meals. It is advisable to change approximately half the money you take to Myanmar into Kyats. If you are planning to travel outside main cities for a few days, make sure to take already exchanged money as it is hard to find good exchange rates outside the main cities.

Myanmar Kyats Banknotes

The "Kyat" is the official currency in Myanmar

100 Kyats

200 Kyats

500 Kyats

1000 Kyats

5000 Kyats


ATMs in Myanmar

ATMs in Myanmar

Now, you can find an increasing number of ATMs in Myanmar, most touristic places have ATMs nearby.

Myanmar Kyats can be withdrawn using Master card or Visa.

Most ATMs charge 5000 Kyats commission for each transaction, the maximum amount that you can withdraw is 300,000 Kyats.


Be smart and find promotions on hotel booking websites

Agoda (over 700 Hotels listed in Myanmar) and (over 500 Hotels listed in Myanmar) offer sometimes great deals on hotels in Myanmar.

Discounts on hotels in Myanmar go up to 75% off if you book early.


Examples of prices in Myanmar

Hotels in Myanmar

  • From $15 per night for a basic guesthouse
  • From $45 per night for Mid-range hotels
  • From $120 per night for 4 star hotels

Food in Myanmar

  • From K 500 per meal for street food
  • From K 2000 per meal in a basic restaurant
  • From $8 per meal in a nice restaurant

Entry fee for tourist sites

  • $3 for the Sule Pagoda in Yangon
  • $8 for the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon
  • $10 to enter the Inle lake zone
  • $10 for the royal palace in Mandalay
  • $20 for the Bagan archaeological zone

Entrance and Zone Fees in Myanmar

Prices for buses in Myanmar

  • From K 15 000 for Yangon/Bagan
  • From K 12 000 for Yangon/Mandalay
  • From K 15 000 for Yangon/Inle lake
  • From K 12 000 for Bagan/Inle lake
  • From K 5 000 for Yangon/Hpa An

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