PindayaWalk through gilded entrances and pavilions to witness a pure work of art in the form of thousands of Buddha statues made of precious stones in varies styles. Take in the scenic beauty in the background of the cooling presence of the Pone Taloke Lake. Walk the lanes of rustic countryside to witness the making of the famous Burmese cheroots (cigars) or go trekking and exploring the nearby Shan hills.

Pindaya in Myanmar (Burma) is situated 3-4 hours drive northwest of Inle Lake. Famous for a network of limestone caves (Shwe U Min Cave Temple) housing around 9,000 images of Buddha of different sizes, mudras and material (gold, silver, marble, lacquer, teak and ivory) which were installed between the 16th and 18th centuries.


Things to do in Pindaya:

  • Pindaya Caves
    • With the 15 meter in height Shwe U Min Pagoda sitting at the entrance to this collection of limestone caves overlooking Pone Ta Loke lake, it houses around 9000 Buddha statues varying in size, made out of white marble, bronze or plated with a final coating of gold leaf. Some of the bare chambers are thought to be meditation chambers. Pindaya caves come alive in February when celebrating the Shwe U Min Pagoda Festival.
  • Trekking through paddy fields
    • Situated around 30 minutes drive from Pindaya, the serene, well kept village of the Danu families is worth a visit to experience the simplicity of its inhabitants who make a living out of selling home made brooms and cheroots(cigars) in the nearby markets. (It is possible to see the process of cigar making and to smoke one or two). A visit to the village School or the Monastery, rich with a hilltop Stupa, from where you get a full view of the scenic beauty of the countryside, will add a bit of humility and calmness to your ailing souls.
  • Visit a Traditional Umbrella Factory
    • If you stop by the local factory specializing in parasols, you can have a glimpse at the whole process of umbrella making, starting from the paper making to giving the final touch with hand painted decorations.

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