Its bustling market, its thatched houses, and cliff top pagodas, make this small and wonderfully traditional region well worth exploring. The soothing white sands of Ngapali Beach stretch away into the distance whilst you recline in the shade of a palm tree.

Ngapali (commonly pronounced as Napali) named after the Italian city of Naples, Myanmar's number one beach destination,featuring a pastoral 3 kilometer expanse of palm tree topped sandy beach, dotted with exotic resorts huddled among busy fishing villages, offers you numerous choices to sooth your body and soul.


Things to do:

  • Cycling and Hiking
    • Cycle or just stroll along the sandy beaches to take in the life of fishermen living in their authentic thatched houses in the village of Jatetaw or skip along to the neighboring town of Thandew (Sandoway), to visit the local market and enjoy a round of haggling for fun. Remember not to miss out on visiting the local hill top Pagodas scattered in and around the fishing villages.
  • Just sit back and relax
    • Bath in the Burmese sun's rays and enjoy the unspoilt wonder of rustling palm trees and breaking waves on a Bay of Bengal day away from the rush of making a living and metropolitan fumes.
  • Kayaking
    • Enjoy the breath taking surroundings and the endless stretch of turquoise blue sea on a smooth kayak ride.
  • Snorkeling
    • Introduce yourself to the marine life dwelling in and around the salty waters.
  • Scuba Diving
    • Dive in deeper to take an in depth look at the life under water, the many an varied sea creatures swimming alongside you, and just let your body and soul float alongside these majestic creatures. To find more about water sports in Ngapali, Please go to
  • Enjoy a local dish of sea food cuisine
    • One of the highlights of Ngapali is digging in to its fresh, off the catch sea food dishes offering a wide variety of dishes from simple squid to snappers, that would tantalize your taste buds with new found authenticity. Make your meal tastier by eating it at one of the old wooden restaurants on stilts which will surely add the finishing touch of perfection to your meal.
  • Boat Ridding and Sport Fishing
    • Cruise along the Thandwe river inland or the blue sea itself to get a sneak peak at the local methods of hauling fish in , techniques of fishing and the methods of drying fish while trying your luck at catching a fish or two all by yourself.
  • Try your hand at Golf
    • Bizarre as it is this out of the way paradise does come with its own state of the art nine- hole golf course which is an ideal place to try your hand at golf.

Ngapali can be reached only by air and finding budget and mid range accommodation might not be easy in this somewhat up scale area.

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