Please remember you are traveling to a country yet to be fully discovered which is in its virgin state. Try to make your journey less of a hassle to yourself and to the people of Myanmar.

  • Respect Burmese Culture and its people. Similar to any other culture, it too is vibrant with its own set of customs, rules, traditions and idiosyncrasies which require our respect, sensitivity and tolerance.
  • Enjoy and tolerate the much more relaxed rhythm of life. The pace of daily life in Burma is slow yet relaxing. Avoid showing impatience (since it is rude) while waiting your turn to be served at any given place.
  • Buddhism, being the base on which this culture has grown, is given prominence. Buddhist nuns and monks are highly respected and should not be touched. They are given the most comfortable and the highest places available to sit and are given free reserved first class passage on any mode of transport.
  • Remember to take off your shoes and socks before entering the enclosure of a pagoda and before entering a private house unless your host tells you otherwise.
  • Try to avoid public display of physical affection e.g.; Kissing in public places, especially in the enclosure of a pagoda.
  • Try getting permission before taking photos of people and religious places and remember it is disrespectful to sit on a Buddha statue and take photos.
  • Try to behave in a demure manner when you are at a religious sight (shouting and challenging each other inside pagodas is rude).
  • Avoid shaking the hand of a woman, except if she takes initiative of it.
  • Since the head and the feet are important in Burmese culture, avoid touching locals’ heads. Avoid putting feet on top of tables and chairs in front of locals. In general, do not show the soles of one's feet or shoes.
  • Wear culturally appropriate clothing that covers your legs and shoulders and avoid going topless or wearing inappropriate clothing at the beach.
  • To enjoy the true spirit of local life get up early in the morning with the locals and go for a fresh stroll.
  • Be ready to indulge yourself in a bit of attention as still many locals find it a novelty to see foreigners amidst them and might try to interact with you in a friendly manner.
  • Don’t ignore or contribute to poverty. Just be aware of it. It is best not to encourage locals, especially children to ask for money, pens, candy etc...since it creates bad habits.

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