The sandy beaches of Ngwe Saung offers you a perfect spot to break your journey in Myanmar; to sit back and relax your tired feet and wonder at the vast stretch of pure white beaches in the backdrop of the calming waters of the Bay of Bengal and to get a taste of local life by meandering through the coastal township ,watching women hawk their wares and fishermen bring in the daily catch of fish from the sea.

This small rustic town consists of a stretch of road that runs parallel to the sea ,dotted with small restaurants, wooden guesthouses and shops selling miscellaneous what-not from sun hats, solar cream to Buddha statues.


Things to do:

  • Watch a perfect sun set
    • while you sit back And rest your tired feet lulled by the quiet break of waves on the shore, feel the beauty of being a live by witnessing one of the most fascinating sunsets of over the Bay of Bengal that Myanmar has to offer.
  • Enjoy seafood dishes
    • Enjoy a variety of sea food delicacies including crab, shrimp, lobster and various types of fish in the varied restaurants in the city center at the northern edge of the beach.
  • Snorkeling
    • Explore the small island at the southern end of the beach, accessible on foot when the tide is out, which offers you a brilliant view of the sea and its creatures. Snorkel among the coral reeves and visit the homes of brightly coloured shoals of fish.
  • Boat rides
    • To get a better view of the sea and to look for clearer waters to snorkel, you can hire a boat with a guide and cruise the endless crystal clear waters.
  • Motorbike rides
    • To explore further in land and to escape the endless beach scenery for a while, you could hire a motorbike and ride through rustic country roads and jungle treks to the Irrawaddy Delta city of Pathein.
  • Visit the Elephant Camp in Padaung
    • Just about an hours ride from Ngwe-Saung will lead you to a camp of elephants where you can offer to feed and clean the elephants, watch the frolicking joy of the young ones and the reserved magnificent grandeur of the mature.

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